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Import / Export

We are involved in Import / Export activities between Spain and Kyrgyzstan because our aim is to establish and broaden relationships between the countries. And, as commerce has proven to be the basis of human relationships, there is no better way to achieve this aim.

Our efforts in both markets have reached this common point. Facilitating procurement of quality goods being produced in one market and missing in the other constitutes the core of the wholesale commerce we intend to accomplish.

Import export

Among others it includes:

  • Food and drinks
  • Chemical products
  • Industrial machinery
  • Light vehicles
  • Goods of common use

We are always alert for detecting the needs and lacks of products and finding the most appropriate providers to ensure satisfactory procurement with the only requisite of quality which will meet the highest standards of both countries. No other is accepted. And we take a particular care for selection of each and single product.

Our commercial department is responsible to sign agreements with local distributors of different types of goods selected to ensure that the goods will reach their final consumer easily and with all warranties.

Involvement with quality

We follow each operation carefully, tracking it from the beginning to destination, including customs clearance formalities, analysis and permissions. We also assess the most acceptable products through market research to ensure their adequate market penetration, and further sustainability of commercial operations.

This tracking allows keeping the whole chain of costs in the minimum for those goods being competitive in the market.

Customs and wholesale market

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