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Health and medicine

With a powerful background in healthcare and medical practice as well as with broad knowledge of our scientific team, under the umbrella of our socially oriented activities, our medical and healthcare branch turns into a strong well-being development block, which matches our different activities and fits well in our corporate aims.

Thus, our activities in healthcare and medical treatment complete the lacks of the established social security systems and universsity curricula, providing patients with care and extremely effective solutions, helping them improve their overall health and immune systems, extending prevention and sanitary culture, curing illnesses with a difficult diagnosis and providing innovative medical solutions.


We are going further and more deeply than traditional medical practice, as we are in conditions to go to the origin of a disease and make its causes disappear, instead of treating only the symptoms.

We achieve it through personalized attention and its tracking, devoting time to our patients.

Owing to cohesion of the knowledge we have, we were able to achieve a single holistic undestanding of the human health; as a team of experts we can effectively combine both knowledge of medical science, pharmacy, nursing, and fundemental studies of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, botany, mechanics, engineering and even electronics.


Moreover, we respect and make use of the knowledge of ancient medical science. We have introduced forgotten to-date medical treatment and effective healing techniques widely used in the past. All mentioned disciplines have been carefully studied and articulated in our R&D activities to move up the medical science and practice to an advance level.

In every case we apply maximum logic and science, preferring mainly more natural and non-aggressive treatments, and if needed, investigating medical history of patients, or their personal preferences, their physical and social environment, and their family precedents.

In our understanding, each patient is a real person, not just a number… and in every case it is a unique challenge.

Effectiveness of our techniques is supported by multiple successful medical cases across the years of our experience in general and internal medicine, traumatology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics and dietetics.


We also have a training program of seminars, workshops and conferences meant for professionals in medical practices.

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