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Internal R&D projects

Our social compromise with Spain and Kyrgyzstan and collaboration between our different branches and partners turned out to be a starter for internal projects in engineering, based on the synergy and joint efforts of our heterogenic team of experts who gave birth to several strategic projects with transversal applications.

All of them are guided by the spirit of technical and conceptual innovation present in our corporate policies and philosophy.

Currently the projects include:

  • Hydro-pneumatic turbines and pumps.
  • HHO gas portable generation systems.
  • Hydraulic V engines.
  • Vertical Axis Turnability conceptual vehicles.
Internal R&D projects

All those products and other subcomponents, as well as macro components from the above-mentioned internal projects are manufactured in Kyrgyzstan according to exclusive designs and specifications provided by Spanish and Kyrgyz engineers and designers with involvement of the key international personnel. Our team now is comprised of experts in specific areas from 12 countries worldwide.

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