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Consultancy of processes

The internal processes of a company are set according to the company's pace of development and are adapted to newly emerging needs. Sometimes an urgent need is covered with a quick improvised solution but further it does not appear to be as effective as it has been expected to be, because it has not been regarded as a part of the entire business process, but just the one to address an objective or a specific need.

This happens because time is crucial in business, and because sometimes individual departments make different solutions to address their own issues without involving rest of the company.

Order and chaos

It is natural that, when a company starts becoming bigger than just a small business, it cannot follow the best of all possible ways, being busy with pulling its own baggage from previous state and size. And also there is a strong tendency in any human group to keep the state of the art just the way it is… resisting to changes.

Also, this happens when it is needed to adapt a business to a new technology in applying which the company has no experience.

Other companies, on the contrary, are big enough already, but their internal capacities come from the times when no many IT tools, modern manufacturing processes, as well as no various resources were available, or no management techniques or skills were required to proceed. Definitively, employees of such companies realize that their processes, techniques and skills have outdated and have become useless to address current needs and provide quality performance.

But then again, approval of most changes depends on those outdated bureaucratized procedures and long decision making processes, so that they are never put in place or they are set too slowly in order to face quick incoming changes or to attend market needs properly. Therefore this is interpreted as a lack of efficiency, poor image in the eyes of customers, and finally, as an economic loss of a business company.

Going up

Thence, Consultancy services are offered in view of upgrading the level of all internal and external performance procedures of a company.

As a result of the initial research and further consultancy as well as the following implementation of the proposed measures, the reviewed performance indicators of the company have dramatically improved becoming more efficient, more profitable, and more agile. The positive changes influence both - the mood of employees and the perception of clients.

Consultancy starts with a detailed review of all internal processes and interdepartmental flows of information, kinds of information received by each department, how it is processed there, how and to whom it is sent, how it influences the decision making process at each stage, what kind of intermediate and final information is available, its usefullness, its main purporse, how it is summarized at the management level, what kind of quality control, approval process and validations is applied. In addition, we do thorough analysis of all departments in the company and their performace, including processes, applied tools and workers´ performance.

After the review has been accomplished, our experts can detect lacks and weaknesses from an outsider point of view without being involved in the company's day-to-day activities. Detecting failures in business running processes and performance of teams is also possible.

Then, our experts apply the best processes possible, introducing tools, solutions, and decisions to create a much more efficient business model, where changes are proposed, new procedures are implemented, proposals are matched to new technological software to be developed or adopted, and other.

New procedures

From service companies to manufacturing ones, the result in all the cases is that a company performs much more efficiently in the market, and its procedures are much more agile. This helps the company to be stronger in its market, to produce much more and more efficiently, and to adapt to the nowadays requirements and technologies in a proper way.

The final aim of the Consultancy of Processes is to help improve the account of results, better results in sales or manufacture, saving money and time on inefficient procedures, and avoiding duplicated bureaucracy or useless steps.

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