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Social Matters

We work with and for people.

People and their well-being are the engine driving us forward.

Moreover, we are not insensible to social problems. We pay particular attention to the matters where we can be helpful within the scope of our activities.

We are basically focused on support and aid to the following groups of people:

  • Orphans and children´s problems
  • Domestic violence and gender equality
  • Disabled people and dependents
  • Elder and isolated people
  • People at risk of social exclusion
  • Widows and disfunctional families
  • Lack of basic resources and opportunities

Active Campaigns




From all our business activities, we always reserve a fund to be used for urgent needs, which is mainly dedicated to addressing the problems, their origin and reasons, or to providing definitive solutions to those who need them.

We collaborate with local agencies, NGOs and foundations in both countries.

We don´t believe in charity as it offers no solution, but only a temporary remedy. We believe in real and long-term solutions. Finally, we believe in people because that’s who we are.

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