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Who we are

Iberkyrgyz Wealth Group is a Kyrgyz company created with the aim to "build bridges" and to establish brotherhood relationships between Spain and Kyrgyzstan through all kinds of initiatives, commerce of goods and services, and cultural activities.

According to this philosophy, we act in several fields to cover the most possible of the areas needed to achieve our goals.

The company maintains presence in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Madrid (Spain). Actually it is structured in different departments:

In any from the wide range of our activities, we are always involved in creating abundance, excellence, well-being, and prosperity… saying it in one word… wealth.

Each of our activities is performed by a group of professionals in relating areas. We have enthusiastic staff, ready to respond immediately to all emerging needs of our Customers, as well as to act as a relay between the two countries.

We are proud of our agility and proactivity, and at the same time we have a high level of exigence for ourselves, establishing a very tight level of quality and a strong internal control of it.


We are equally in love with the Spanish and Kyrgyz cultures which have a lot in common: crossed interests, common idiosyncrasy, understanding of life and social relations. Same colors on the flags of both countries is another similarity.

That’s why we cannot think about a better intercultural fusion or about a better synergy for business than the one which can be created between these two wonderful countries. And we are proud to provoke it!

Since our kick-off, we are by nature an inherent part of the SUARPI movement.


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